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No Acetone! No VOC! FAST! Does not dry skin or nails! The only biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-flammable Fingernail Polish Remover on the market!


Have you been looking for:

  • A No Acetone Fingernail Polish Remover;
  • A No VOC Fingernail Polish Remover;
  • A Fingernail Polish Remover that does NOT dry skin or dull fingernails;
  • What about biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-flammable;

Here it is!! Polish-Off from CrystalTek.


Revolutionary!! Water based! Like no other fingernail polish remover on the market!!  Just apply to cotton ball and remove!


Although acetone is widely used for removing fingernail polish, there are a lot of problems; it is highly toxic if ingested (got young children?), the fumes are toxic and highly flammable. A small spill can ruin a piece of furniture, carpets, or the finish on hardwood floors. The acetate based (non-acetone) removers are no better! Acetates are also toxic and highly flammable.


Tired of fingernail polish removers that dull your fingernails so you HAVE to polish them? Wouldn’t you like to have naturally shiny fingernails that you could just buff and go?


Now there is a fast, safe, non-dulling alternative.


Available in 16 oz.


"I was excited to find out that CrystalTek came up with not only a better smelling nail polish remover, Polish Off Spray, but also a GREEN nail polish remover! Yes, this stuff has no acetone, no acetate, is non-flammable and eco-friendly! In addition, Polish Off has a mild fragrance that doesn't irritate the nose, it doesn't dry the skin, it's non-toxic AND it's safe to use, so I don't have to worry about my daughter using it on her precious hands! Thank you, CrystalTek! Our children are our lives and little girls LOVE nail polish, so I raise my glass to you for coming up with a safe alternative to the nasty nail polish removers on the market!"
Health conscious mom of 6
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  Polish Off nail polish remover for fingernails
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